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Crowd Control
Fencing & Barricades

Pedestrian & Walk Through • Type III Street Closure Barricade

Pedestrian & Walk through barricades

Our pedestrian barriers are designed to provide an effective demarcation solution. Robust tubular steel frames and safety features combined with our rigorous testing for our barriers give you the quality and reliability you need. Barriers feature vertical infill tubes, inbuilt feet, and a high quality galvanized appearance to ensure you’re getting the right barrier for the job.

The Walkthrough pedestrian barrier is designed to provide a designated entry/exit point in fixed-leg crowd control barriers. Painted red for enhanced visibility.

Fixed Leg Pedestrian Barricade


• Overall: 89.5" L (including connectors)  x 43" H 

• Center Fence Section 85" L

• 23 lbs. ea. /10.5 kg

• Finish: Pre-Galvanized

Fixed Leg Walk Through Pedestrian Barricade


• Overall: 89" L (including connectors) x  84" H

* Walk Through Opening: 35.5" W 

• 28 lbs. ea. / 12.9 kg

• Finish: Pre-Galvanized, Powder coated

• Color: Red

Type III Street Closure Barricade

This two-piece breakaway barricade is made from Linear Low Density Polyethylene, meaning these barricades will not shatter of break apart on impact. These units are rotationally molded from a modified polyethylene that increases their resistance to ultraviolet degradation. Our two-piece barricade is designed with a unique stacking detail allowing units to interlock with one another for added convenience during break down and transport.



• Overall Size: 48.5″ L x 36.5″ W x 56″ H

• Assembled weight of 20 pounds

• Striped panels 8″ x 48″


Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 4.15.44 PM.png
Black with Blue Belt
black black stanchion.jpeg
Black with Black Belt

Retractable barriers help create lines and block off restricted areas at special events, offices,

retail environments and more. Crowd control stanchions feature a self retracting royal blue

7-1/2'L or 6' black belt that helps direct lines and crowds to desired areas. Stanchions feature 3 locking

belt receivers to prevent accidental tape release. 


  • Weight: 45 lbs. ea.

  • Height: 39"

  • Colors available: Black Base & Upright with Blue or Black Belt

  • Black Belt: 6.6' Length

  • Blue Belt: 7.5' Length

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